Re: Maybe someone can tell us

Sander Bos wrote:
> > why the DOM version 1 didn't specify a means of getting the
> > actual XML out
> > of the DOM document.  I'm not really talking about loading and saving
> > files, but rather just getting the contents of the DOM doc as a
> > big string
> > at least.
> >
> > Does someone have a historical perspective on this?  I'm trying to
> > implement some XML functionality with Xerces and I'm frustrated with the
> > hassle of writing reams of code just to get the DOM into usable XML.
> I can't provide you with any history. However, if you can save to a file,
> you can also save to a String? You didn't mention whether you use Xerces-C
> or Xerces-J? With Xerces-J it is possible to do this without reams of code:

For the archive, we are currently looking in adding a DOMString in the
DOMInputSource and an appropriate method in the DOMWriter.


Received on Tuesday, 24 July 2001 09:38:33 UTC