Re: DOM Level 3 XPath: editorial, use case analysis, and counterproposal

"Joseph Kesselman" <> wrote:
> >Being able to relax the ordering requirements seems like a key enabler
> >lazy evaluation (and unlocking the value of a return set limit)
> Take that up with the XPath group. I think XPath 2.0 has considerered
> allowing that relaxation at user request, for just this reason.

Lazy execution seemed to be a recurring theme in both the working draft
and other messages here.  I've been trying to go out of my way to address
it since it seems to significant motivation for the working draft design.
However, it isn't a big deal in how I think I'd be using an XPath API.

However, thinking through were you would put all the query optimization
bells and whistles people might want has value.  Even if it is premature
to try to standardize these hints, having an exposed object representing a
XPath expression allows implementers to add their own
interface on the same object that has optimization properties that make
sense to it.

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