Re: [Erratum] core-14. DOMImplementation.hasFeature (Re: hasFeature with "unspecified" version)

am 12.07.2001 18:35 Uhr schrieb Curt Arnold unter

> Basically, you would want to results of:
> impl.hasFeature("XML","1.0");
> impl.hasFeature("XML","");
> impl.hasFeature("XML",null);
> impl.hasFeature("XML",undefined);
> impl.hasFeature("XML");

(I checked Mac browsers only)

MSIE5:mac is not yet fully ECMA262-3 compatible, so the last but one line
won't run as "undefined" is not exposed (as it should be). Replace
"undefined" by "void 0" (which yields undefined), and MSIE5:mac returns true
on all five cases.

Netscape6/Mozilla do not allow less than two parameters, they throw an
exception on the last line. If you only run the first four lines, both
Netscape6 and Mozilla return true/true/false/false.

bye, Thomas


Received on Thursday, 12 July 2001 15:40:13 UTC