Re: NamedNodeMap

Allen, Michael B (RSCH) writes:
 > Is a NodeNamedMap ever used to hold anything but the Attrs of an
 > Element?

  Yes -- they are used to hold the entity and notation definitions in
the DocumentType node.

 >          Might an Attr be an entry in more than one
 > NamedNodeMap?  A simply way to implement NamedNodeMap in
 > c is to just add nextAttr and previousAtt members to Node and
 > make NamedNodeMap a struct like:
 > If the answers to the above questions are "no" I don't see a problem
 > with this technique. Do you?

  I don't think Attr nodes can appear in more than one map.
Whether or not this is a reasonable implementation approach depends
on how you handle default attributes derived from the DTD; if you
support a DTD, this may not be a good approach, especially if you
support DOM mutation.
  (And yes, I think mutation should be a separate feature from simple
read-access!  But that's a different topic.)


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Received on Wednesday, 11 July 2001 14:58:49 UTC