Re: DOMBuilder in L3

My original note reported five separate issues, including both
the suboptimal defaults (one issue) AND this separate one:

> Additionally, setting these flags to 'false' should be required, not
> optional; only the "comments" flag requires that.  (That's implied
> by changing to defaults of 'false'.)  Having "false" be optional
> forces applications to manually filter out such sugar, and makes
> this feature flag much less useful than it ought to be.

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> >Please go read that part of the spec to see what I've been talking
> >about:  some of the relevant flag settings are "optional"
> So your concern is not the defaults per se (as your original phrasing
> seemed to suggest), but whether all  implementations will permit you to
> override those defaults?
> If that's what you're seeing, then I agree that I have to reread the
> current draft.
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