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[Fwd: [wbs] response to 'Call for Review: Web of Things Working Group Charter']

From: L. David Baron <dbaron@dbaron.org>
Date: Fri, 14 Oct 2016 17:54:22 -0700
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attached mail follows:

The following answers have been successfully submitted to 'Call for Review:
Web of Things Working Group Charter' (Advisory Committee) for Mozilla
Foundation by David Baron.

The reviewer's organization suggests changes to this Charter, and only
supports the proposal if the changes are adopted [Formal Objection].

Additional comments about the proposal:
   We are concerned that the scope of this charter is too broad and lacks
clear enough goals, and concerned that much of the material proposed for
this working group has not been incubated enough to be ready to move
into a Working Group producing Recommendation-track documents.

We are also concerned about the clauses in the charter tying the group
to RDF, JSON-LD, and other technologies that have not been widely
accepted by Web developers, and which could burden the group with
considerable unneeded complexity.

While it is not perfect, we also feel that the member submission at
https://www.w3.org/Submission/2015/SUBM-wot-model-20150824/ or
http://model.webofthings.io/ would be a better (and simpler) starting
point for work on a Web of Things than the architecture description that
the charter currently depends on.

We also have serious concerns about WoT/IoT security and the
implications of security failures for the Web/Internet as a whole, as
documented, for example, in:
However, it's not clear that a W3C working group would have the
necessary awareness and experience to fix these problems without more
incubation, prototyping, and serious security evaluation of those
prototypes, work that seems better suited for an IG or a CG.

We are supportive of the idea of using Web technology to help connect
devices in ways that the owners of those devices want to connect them.
However, the current charter doesn't seem like a good path towards that.

The reviewer's organization intends to participate in these groups:
   - Web of Things Working Group

The reviewer's organization:
   - intends to review drafts as they are published and send comments.
   - intends to develop experimental implementations and send experience

Answers to this questionnaire can be set and changed at
https://www.w3.org/2002/09/wbs/33280/wotwg2016/ until 2016-10-14.


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