Re: A question about Range#insertNode

On Tue, Jul 7, 2015 at 12:48 PM, Ms2ger <> wrote:
> Step 7 of <> reads
>> If /range/’s start node is a Text node, split it with offset
>> /range/’s start offset, set /referenceNode/ to the result, and set
>> /parent/ to /referenceNode/’s parent.
> In this case, /referenceNode/ has been set to /range/’s start node
> (step 3), and /parent/ has been set to /referenceNode/’s parent (step
> 5). The split algorithm returns a node with the same parent as its
> argument, so I believe that this step doesn't actually change /parent/.
> Could you confirm and maybe add a note to the spec here?

You mean removing setting /parent/ again? Seems conrrect. I wonder if
Aryeh has a second to take a look since I believe he wrote that


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