Re: Forced Resignation

To be fair, this is not "the AB's goal" - at least, I'm pretty sure the
current members of the Advisory Board were not involved with developing
that restriction.  I've raised this in the AB as an issue to be addressed,
and I think there is significant backing to change it.

On Mon, Jun 30, 2014 at 5:50 AM, Alex Russell <>

> Hi all,
> As you may know, Google recently had the good sense and taste to hire
> fellow TAG member Dominic Denicola. W3C rules insist that, despite being *individually
> elected* as representatives of the membership, our employment situation
> is more important to the membership than our capacity to make meaningful
> contributions at the TAG. Therefore one of us must resign.
> As my term ends soonest, I will be stepping down from my position so that
> Dominic can continue the good work of helping to encourage extensibility in
> the web platform. I will, however, continue to attend meetings through the
> end of my elected term (Jan '15) in protest of what, frankly, is
> appallingly poor organizational design. Evidence of this piles up: last
> year we also lost productive TAG members to vagaries of employment
> interaction with W3C policy.
> If the AB's goal with this misbegotten policy were to prevent multiple
> individuals from a firm from influencing the TAG's decisions, I invite them
> to bar me from meetings post my removal. Were it not so, I invite them to
> change the policy.
> Regards

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