Re: Removal of other semantic elements

On Mon, Apr 5, 2010 at 6:33 PM, Shelley Powers <> wrote:
> I have very real concerns about Tab's email, particularly when I found
> out that though he told me to discontinue "polluting" the www-style
> group, he didn't send an email with the same request to John Foliot,
> and I'm assuming not to Maciej, either. However, both their emails are
> much more off topic for the www-style email list than mine.

I hadn't seen the thread again until after the exchange between Maciej
and JF had finished.  I didn't find it necessary to ask them to do the
same, as I figured it was over and a further reminder wouldn't
accomplish anything.

> Tab's email to me is actually not his first private communication to
> me, and I have told him in the past, to restrict his communications to
> me to public communication channels, only. Hence my response on this
> public www-archive channel.

This implies that I've been inappropriately spamming you with emails,
possibly in an offensive manner.  That's, um, not true.  I'd
appreciate if you didn't imply character-damaging things about me.
(If I actually do something character-damaging, feel free to mention
it when appropriate, but please don't merely hint at horrible things I
might have done.)

I just looked through my mail archives, and found a few private
discussions which concluded amicably, and one final private exchange
about the time I called you a liar in a publicly-logged chat room,
where you asked me to keep all communication related to HTML5 on the
list.  I've done so.  This reminder to be more careful about the
cc-list is the first private communication of any kind I've had with
you since then.

> You should understand all the facts before entering a discussion
> between two people. And the next time, you might want to let it go for
> the night, and then only interceded if the parties are still
> continuing in the morning.

Doug intervened in a spirit of conciliation, and was extremely polite
in his email.  I would appreciate if you would extend to him the same
courtesy, even if you do think he shouldn't have emailed in the first


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