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Re: [html5alt] some thoughts on LEGEND

From: Janina Sajka <janina@rednote.net>
Date: Thu, 5 Mar 2009 16:56:04 -0500
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I believe Gregory is thinking in terms of expanding the use of these two
HTML5 elements.

This came up on Wednesday's PF call in context of discussing recent
thinking for @summary. We determined to explore asking the HTML Wg to
expand the functionality of <details>, as it could, conceivably, replace
table summary.

We will discuss this on the first of our two calls Friday, on the PF
HTML Caucus call at 15:00Z.

I believe Gregory is mulling the possibilities. It's a new approach that
should show up soon as a "Version D" at:



Dr. Gregg Vanderheiden writes:
> not sure I follow this.
> I though legend was intended to bind a caption that appears below a  
> picture with the picture.  Not create a way to attach metadata to a  
> group.
> Also I thought that we decided the three stages of a butterfly required 
> alt on each of the items.  The legend was used only to put a caption on 
> the group.
> Using it for non-visual binding and description of groups would not seem 
> to make sense.   if the group was a group, then all readers would need to 
> see it.  no?
> Maybe I'm missing your point.   What other places did you think of using 
> it?
> Gregg
> -----------------------
> Gregg Vanderheiden Ph.D.
> Director Trace R&D Center
> Professor Ind and Biomed Engr
> University of Wisconsin-Madison
> On Mar 4, 2009, at 10:14 PM, Gregory J. Rosmaita wrote:
>> aloha!
>> i hope this makes sense, because it is a thought that was nagging me
>> and keeping me from (hopefully temporarily) resting in peace, and  
>> since
>> i don't trust my memory to post about it tomorrow, i've booted my  
>> laptop
>> back up, and logged back on to the web to advance an analogy and  
>> propose
>> that PF/WAI formally point out to the HTML WG the advantage of  
>> applying
>> the LEGEND element -- in addition to the DETAILS element -- more  
>> broadly,
>> as the two elements provide authors creating HTML5 documents with a
>> consistent means of strongly binding together collections of uniquely
>> labeled objects and/or widgets...
>> tell me if i'm off-base, but my understanding of the purpose and  
>> function
>> of the LEGEND element as defined for FIGURE is derived from the use of
>> LEGEND in the FIELDSET, LEGEND, LABEL model inherited from HTML 4.01  
>> --
>> the LEGEND provides a terse description of a group of related items:  
>> in
>> a FORM, a group of related INPUT controls are labeled by the LEGEND
>> defined for the FIELDSET, while each individual INPUT control is bound 
>> to
>> its LABEL with a for/id relationship, just as each IMG in a FIGURE  
>> which
>> contains multiple images (as in GreggV's "3 Stages of a Butterfly's  
>> Life"
>> example) needs to be bound to a unique terse descriptor through use of
>> @alt and/or aria-labelledby
>> so, my very fuzzy brain concludes that PF should also advise the HTML 
>> WG
>> since re-use and consistency are a hallmark of a well-designed markup
>> language, the LEGEND element should be used whenever the situation
>> calls for a terse descriptor/heading for a collection of related
>> objects or widgets, when contained in any of HTML5's media specific
>> elements, such as VIDEO, AUDIO, FIGURE, etc.
>> both the HTML WG and WAI have a vested interest in simplifying the
>> markup language that is intended to become the new lingua franca (or
>> lowest common denominator, depending upon one's point of view)
>> gregory. finally and actually shutting down for the night.
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