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From: Larry Masinter 
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Subject: RE: FW: TAG priorities: topic for discussion?

> Larry:
> Do you think we should include metadata discovery and access in this list?

I think metadata discovery and access is an example of an "Overlap" area:  there is significant overlap and competing approaches for metadata representation, discovery, access, semantics, access control, versioning, etc. between important web standards for HTTP, HTML, RDFa, Media Annotation, etc.

It's likely that there are several other topics that also fit into the "*Overlap*" theme. 

I don't think the TAG should to take on resolving everything in "overlap" areas -- there are too many, and the expertise to resolve conflicting approaches not always in our skill set -- but I think it might still be appropriate for the TAG to review directions and possibly "find" (write findings) about areas that deserve more coordination, and perhaps instigate or moderate some additional coordination.

Metadata may be more important in the sense that, at least in my opinion, it is likely to be the most highly-leveraged application and proof point for a converged browsable and semantic web: a way of associating semantics for and with (browsable) content, and thus narrower in scope and possibly containing more tractable problems than the general knowledge representation and understanding issues.


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