RE: 1.5.4 title and content


I agreed in my action item to work with you on coming up with content for 1.5.4 that was mutually acceptable to the two of us, as a way of trying to get group consensus.

You deferred actually speaking to me on the telephone personally, saying that you personally preferred IRC or email.

I wrote you email.

Instead of getting a response from you directly, I got email from Ian.
and started what seems like another endless discussion over the veracity of statements whose primary purpose seems to be to fight the "browser wars" rather than giving the reader any useful information.

I thought the purpose of this delegation was to offload this bit from Ian and bring in another perspective.

My action item, ACTION-78, wasn't to work with Ian, it was to work with you. Should I assume that you cannot or do not wish to work on this action item yourself personally?

I certainly am not going to continue debating with Ian over his religious convictions. I think technical specifications should be free of marketing slant, and will press in other ways for the removal of the section if no neutral recasting of it can be determined.



Received on Tuesday, 3 February 2009 02:38:35 UTC