Re: Added support for direct input in WebIDL checker

Hello Ian,

Le vendredi 11 décembre 2009 à 13:12 +0000, Ian Hickson a écrit :
> > As you may know, I have set up an on-line tool to check the correctness 
> > of WebIDL fragments embedded in HTML documents: 
> > (based on Aplix’s widlproc)
> I was adding this to my pipeline earlier but I noticed that some of the 
> IDL blocks seem to be getting missed. Any idea why?
> For example:
> ...doesn't list "HTMLFormControlsCollection".

The link above currently lists an error in "interface
HTMLCollection" (sounds like your cat might have had a stab at editing
that IDL), which stops listing the detailed interfaces.

I assume that the problem you’re reporting was that
HTMLFormControlsCollection didn’t appear in the list of extracted IDLs.

If so, I think the code that displays the extracted interfaces is
somewhat buggy right now in the tool and might now correctly show them
all (even if it correctly extracts and checks them); if that’s correct,
I’ll look into fixing it once I get confirmation.


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