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  Having believed that my computer has been maliciously attacked I found a reference that I followed and my browser opened Facepage.  At the bottom or end of the document which appears to teach advanced html.. There is a notation that says that the last time the page was updated was 10/3 which happens to be the same date as it was logged onto my computer in a hidden IE5 log file.


  Also, previously I had copies of (if I remember correctly)  xhml 3.0 and 5.0 or 6.0.  I noticed it because I was making sure that all of the programs running on my computer had valid signatures and 4.0 was the only one that didn't.  I disabled it but it is back on the list somehow.  The person who I believe did this sometimes uses an arrogant handle that includes Wizard in it in some form or other and likes to talk about how good he is while he is attacking another person's computer with malicious code that disables security, communication, sound, storage devices... It also is smart enough to alter permissions and computer certificates which identify fake websites, server addresses. I'm betting that you know well the capabilities of your software.  I'm just winging it here.  I have very few programs here on a new Vista computer.


  This person uses Messenger services like Icuii, MSN Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, MediaCenter, etc. to gain access to remote computers, sometimes entering through invisible and unrecognized ports that security can't protect.  I believe he uses Flash Media to attach files to sound files and picture files.  The files extract themselves at some time  predetermined.  Often permissions are so high that none of the files can be altered, or removed by even administrator/owner with full and  special permissions.  What your website says about the Internationalization of Html 4 fits exactly the profile of what I am attempting to discover.   I am also recognizing Style Sheets and DOM all over my hard drive with no quick way of knowing what tags might make unauthorized use of xml or xsl apparent.  (I'm not sure any of that made particular sense but then I discovered w3 today.I might need a couple days to understand).   


  I am hoping that my conclusions and guesses give you some idea that may help close the security holes for Microsoft, better protect my computer so that once again I feel safe on the internet using file transfer and modern communication abilities of the newest operating systems.  


  I would welcome your advice to protect my computer because it is set on the highest level of security Microsoft OneCare can provide and still things change and communication happens when I have it disabled.  The problem is degenerative and I don't know if it's just malicious or outright identity theft.  


  How do I replace my unsigned xhml with a signed 4.0 or a newer version so I can uninstall this one?  The last time this one was installed it actually uninstalled the newer version that was on my computer and now I have only this one.  I am relatively confident that even if I (say for instance) installed a program that required 4.0 and therefore had to install it on my computer during the setup process, it wouldn't be likely to be prepared to uninstall a newer and an older version I don't imagine.  The first time in uninstalled 4.0 to see what happened nothing happened.  Then I found it reinstalled.  Now I find the other versions missing.  Just like I have both IE6 and IE7 on my firewall programs list because they both had attempted to access the internet, I found thousands of temporary files for IE5 hidden in my Windows folders covering every action  I took on the computer for the last 4 days.  Note; this is a clean install of Vista Home premium and my other computer has a clean install of Vista Ultimate.  I don't understand why IE5 and IE6 should have anything to do with my system when IE7 was in stalled with a new operating system.  I'm wondering if xhml might somehow be used similarly to transfer my documents and all of my private data across the internet.  Also, could your xhml document program be used in a 'keylogger' program that would cause many of the symptoms I am experiencing?  


  I appreciate your time.  If I am incorrect in my assumptions please just let me know.  I'll look elsewhere for the answers to my questions.  If any of them appear to make sense to you I beg that you use your resources to assist if you recognize and understand my plight.  I am currently looking at pictures of Alumni at MIT.  I'd have to see him again, but the man I suspect looks quite similar I believe to someone who is tenured at that fine school with attention to Computer Sciences and Electrical Engineering and artificial intelligence.  I'm going to check that out.  He certainly has the credentials to be the Wizzard.  Thank you for your consideration and please let me know if there is someone else you think I might contact.


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  David Gerhardt


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