Re: issue-mt-ns : XML is not RDF

PS. The suggested solution can be tweaked a little to simply be:

* associate a grokGenericXMLNamespacesDocs.xsl with the data-view profile

* grokGenericXMLNamespacesDocs.xsl does an identity transformation on the
RDF/XML syntax specific to GRDDL transformation identification, removing
everything else

So it's not a matter of whether to interpret RDF/XML syntax with
application/xml as RDF; just to apply the GRDDL mechanism to namespace docs
served as application/xml - i.e. treat them as XML, no type guessing
required, no WebArch issues raised.

The specific XSLT will probably be non-trivial, but as it's only got to deal
with a handful of elements/attributes, shouldn't be rocket science either.



Received on Thursday, 2 November 2006 19:30:01 UTC