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Re: New logo artwork?

From: Ian B. Jacobs <ij@w3.org>
Date: Wed, 17 May 2006 07:57:25 -0500
To: Bjoern Hoehrmann <derhoermi@gmx.net>
Cc: w3t-comm@w3.org, www-archive@w3.org
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On Wed, 2006-05-17 at 14:46 +0200, Bjoern Hoehrmann wrote:
> * Ian B. Jacobs wrote:
> >>  It seems reasonable to assume that because
> >> 
> >>   * they now use the old #005A9C blue instead of the "new" #083D94
> >>     (which would be a very bad idea, in my opinion)
> >
> >005A9C is the official RGB of W3C blue and any others for screen
> >are errors (which we are correcting).
> Please count me among the people who prefer to stick with the de facto
> official blue that has been in dominant use for many years on the W3C
> web site. I hope others appreciate needless rebranding and inferior
> colors more than I do.

We have had extensive discussions internally about color consistency
and prefer the 005A9C, which is also widely deployed and has been
for many years.

> >>   * the addition of SVG versions implies that popular user agents
> >>     like Internet Explorer will typically render replacement images
> >>     due to lack of SVG support in <img>
> >
> >We are serving SVG/PNG/GIF in that order. Do you see a problem
> >on a particular browser?
> Yes. As I wrote above, it is common for Internet Explorer to provide
> no indication that PNG or GIF is preferred, so the server will pro-
> vide the SVG version which is not supported in <img>, and as a result
> all Technical Reports lack the W3C icon and have a broken image icon
> instead, for example.

I am likely then to change file names due to this problem, which I had
hoped had been superseded by new software. I wish it were possible to
handle this through the server instead. Any suggestions on server

> >I haven't announced the changes (or new logos) since I'm not done.
> >I hope to be "done" this week. Done in this case may mean: the
> >full set is installed, then we start making corrections.
> I think a better process would be to give advance notice, prepare
> and test all changes (possibly integrating feedback such as the
> WAI and SVG activities would provide on the SVG images), migrate
> to production systems, and then announce completion of it.

I appreciate that advice, especially having spent several hours doing
the install carefully before problems accumulated that caused me to

 _ Ian 

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