Comments on URIs for W3C Namespaces


  Regarding it's sad to see the
document has not been checked for broken links before publication,
there are broken fragments that should be fixed.

The entire section 4 does not make sense to me, I don't understand
what it could mean for a namespace to "change"; this was discussed
to quite some extend on the www-tag mailing list, it's odd to see
this still in the document. I also do not understand the relation-
ship between namespace names and validity of content or processing
semantics as implied by some examples.

I suggest the section is replaced with something like

  It is important that specifications clearly state expectations
  about how the technology will evolve and how changes will affect
  the relevant namespace names, implementations and content.
  Specifications must include such information as applicable and
  namespace documents should link to the relevant section of the
  Technical Report.

The current examples aren't suitable in my opinion, the document
should rather link to existing Technical Reports or namespace
documents that get this right if examples are really needed. As
such specifications would discuss this in a better context than
the policy could, this will help Working Groups to better under-
stand the requirements. I'd suggest some, but I'm afraid I don't
know of any...

I also note that it's a bad idea to refer to "URIs" here, it should
refer to namespace names or if discussion of resource identifiers
is really needed, it should refer to IRIs.

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