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Re: What is W3C Validator ?

From: olivier Thereaux <ot@w3.org>
Date: Thu, 3 Aug 2006 15:28:05 +0900
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To: <keasoft@sbcglobal.net>

> And how do I get rid of it?
> I have a page http://familytrees.genopro.com/nancyhandke/handke/
> where when it arrives, a yellow warning is displayed for 2 seconds  
> then
> disappears. It is too fast to read.
> Your logo appears as a button linking to your site.
> The page is also 'all messed up.'
> I did not ask for this service to interfere and I don't want it.
> Please, please can you tell me how this service is getting mixed up  
> with
> this URL
> and how do I remove it.

Dear Stu,

I am assuming that http://familytrees.genopro.com/nancyhandke/handke/ 
is your site, which you are generating with a tool called "GenoPro".  
Is that correct?

The W3C HTML validator is a tool that helps developers of Web pages  
check that their pages are correctly "written" in HTML. The people  
who developed the GenoPro tool have added the icon to the page their  
software generates, to state "this page has been checked" by the  
validator. The service is not interfering with your site, it's just  
that your site links to the service.

Also, the "flashing yellow warning" you mention is another script on  
that page, and not related to W3C or the validator.

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