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RDF Sources

From: Christopher Schmidt <crschmidt@crschmidt.net>
Date: Fri, 15 Apr 2005 11:18:19 -0400
To: www-archive@w3.org
Message-ID: <20050415151819.GD16815@crschmidt.net>
DanC asked me to send a list of sources for my IRC-based RDF bot to
www-archive. I can't really do a list of just URIs which have been
added, but I can do something similar by querying the database for all
rdfs:seeAlso links. The attached file is a `sort | uniq` sorted list of
the objects of rdfs:seeAlso statements in the database, most of which
are FOAF related.

I've started creating scutter files for anything which I think is useful
which doesn't already have a scutter file: there are a huge number of
daml and similar projects which have large datasets that aren't
connected at all. These will be stored at
http://crschmidt.net/semweb/sources/ .

List of URLs, one per line.
List of URLs in an RDF document, described by rdfs:seeAlso statements,
ideal for RDF scutter.

Christopher Schmidt

Received on Friday, 15 April 2005 15:17:36 UTC

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