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ode to a closet librarian (take 2)

From: Dan Connolly <connolly@w3.org>
Date: Sat, 02 Oct 2004 12:55:53 -0500
To: www-archive@w3.org
Cc: Eric Miller <em@w3.org>
Message-Id: <1096739752.5269.374.camel@dirk>
Cleaning my office, throwing out hardcopies; I once cared about these
enough to print them out and/or carry them from Cambridge to Austin to
Kansas City; can't bear to not record at least a reference to them...
[misfired my first attempt; tried to insert a linebreak and the mailer
interpreted it as "send now"]

      * HTTP 1.1 draft-ietf-http-v11-spec-06 
      * GWM Manual: The X11 Generic Window Manager June 95, Version 1.8a
        Colas Nahaboo colas@sa.inria.fr
      * GriF product literature grif@grif.fr "Macintosh: available Fall
      * DSSSL ISO/IEC 10179:1996(E)
      * Bento Specification Revision 1.0d5 July 15, 1993 by Jed Harris
        and Ira Ruben Apple Computer, Inc.
      * Thot User's Manual Vincent Quint et. al. August 8, 1996
      * 1995 Systems Shell/UI Spec: SiteMap February 25, 1996 Version
        1.0 Scottber@microsoft.com (fax copy 03/23/96)
      * Service Location Protocol draft-ietf-srvloc-protocol-04.txt John
        Veizades, Scott Kaplan July 18, 1994
      * A Scheme Shell Olin Shivers shivers@lcs.mit.edu 4/94 "Although
        robust enough for general use, adventures into the esoteric
        periphery of the C shell may reveal unexpected quirks" -- SunOS
        4.1 csh(1) man page, 10/2/89
      * The FormsVBT Reference Manual Version 2.2 Marc H. Brown and
        James R. Meehan March 25, 1993
      * FastCGI: A High-Performance Web Server Interface Open Market
        Inc. Technical White Paper April 1996
      * FastCGI Developer's Kit 15 March 1996 Mark R. Brown
      * Component Object Model, Part II: Programming Interface Version
        0.9 (Draft) October 24, 1995 Microsoft Corporation and Digital
        Equipment Corporation
      * WD-css1-960911
      * The ESP DES-CBC Transform draft-ietf-ipsec-des-cbc-04.txt
        Metzger Simpson April 1995
      * Problems with Proposed IP Cryptography Rogaway April 3 1995
      * Common Secure Interoperability Digital Equipment Corporation,
        Groupe Bull, ... July 1996 OMG Document Number: orbos/96-06-20.
        seems to have review notes by timbl
      * LCLint: A Tool for Using Specifications to Check Code David
        Evans, John Guttag, James Horning, and Yag Meng Tan
        horning@src.dec.com guttag@lcs.mit.edu
      * The Design and Implementation of the Lout Document Formatting
        Language Jeffry H. Kingston 27 January, 1993
      * Proxy-Based Authorization and Accounting for Distributed Systems
        B. Clifford Neuman 13th International Conference on Distributed
        Computing Systems, Pittsburgh, May 1993
      * Prospero Data Access Protocol Augart, Neuman, Rao Draft of
        December 13, 1993 or April 29, 1994
      * Prospero User's Manual Version 5 Draft of 8 July 1993 Neuman
      * Object Licensing Service Submitted in response to OMG OSTF RFP4
        Alston et. al. 1995
      * Omniware; A Universal Substrate for Mobile Code Colusa Software
        White Paper omniware@colusa.com http://www.colusa.com undated;
        cites works thru 1995
      * The Open Scripting Architecture: Automating, Integratin, and
        Customizing Applications Cook wrc@netccom.com Harris
        warren@genmagic.com (formerly of Apple) undated; cites works
        thru 1994
      * A Gentle Introduction to Larch/Smalltalk Specification Browsers
        Leavens January 24, 1994 leavens@cs.iastate.edu
      * Higher-Order Distributed Objects Cejtin, Jagannathan, Kelsey NEC
        Research kelsey@research.nj.nec.com ACM Received April 1995;
        revised July 1995; accepted September 1995
      * Memoization of Top-down Parsing Mark_Johnson@Brown.edu to appear
        in Computational Linguistics 21.3
      * Dynamic Documents: Extensibility and Adaptability in the WWW
        Kaashoek, ... October 12, 1994 WWW '94 Chicago
      * Efficient Software-Based Fault Isolation Lucco SOSP 1993
      * The World-Wide Web - Towards a formal Treatment Relihan April
        16, 1994
      * Frank Kappe: A Scalable Architecture for Maintaining Referential
        Integrity in Distributed Information Systems, J.UCS, Vol. 1, No.
        2, February 1995. (cf http://www.w3.org/Addressing/auto-update)
      * What is a good standard? by Bert Bos 09 Sep 2000
      * Data Types to Better Support Protocol Evolution Spreitzer and
        Begel DRAFT cites works thru 1998
      * The Larch Shared Language: Some Open Problems Horning
      * A Logic of Authentication Burrows, Abadi, Needham

Then there are some keepers:

      * On Improving SGML Kaebling Siemens AG Received 16 March 1988
        Revised 1990 (c) 1990 by John Wiley & Sons, Ltd. Electronic
        Publishing, VOL. 3(2), 93-98 (MAY 1990)
      * Partial Order Databases by Raymond 1996
      * ALL: Formalizing Access Limited Reasoning Crawford, Kuipers 25
        May 1990
      * Toward High-performance Organizations: a Strategic Role for
        Groupware Douglas C. Engelbart AUGMENT,132810 GroupWare '92
      * Consistent Hashing: Load Balancing with Incomplete Information
        Karger et. al. (the akamai paper) September 8, 1997
      * Authoritative Sources in a Hyperlinked Environment Kleinberg RJ
        10076(91892) May 29, 1997 IBM Watson
      * draft-ietf-webdav-protocol-06 January18, 1998

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