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[w3photo] getting repository live

From: Greg Elin <elin@unitboy.com>
Date: Mon, 26 Jan 2004 12:13:24 -0500
To: semantic-photolist@unitboy.com
Message-Id: <F3210998-5022-11D8-AC3E-000393B64216@unitboy.com>

There haven't been any major complaints regarding the Alpha Spec. Libby 
has posted a guide to vocabs at http://esw.w3.org/topic/W3PhotoVocabs . 
The front door site is up at w3photo...but I think we need screen shot 
or two of photo annotation...

I'm looking for assistance in finishing pulling into place on 
w3photo.org/photostest server the pieces described in the alpha spec.  
Having gone through all the emails and links, we really have 
*everything*, but some connecting code needs to be built, some web 
pages, put together, etc.

Here's a proposal for tackling it. Assistance and advice appreciated:

1) create a single folder for images in w3photo/photostest and just ftp 
images there (DONE)

2) get existing code I have for Fotonotes working (DONE)

3) incorporate image vocabs into Fotonotes interface (IN PROGRESS)

4) get Fotonotes's interface and other stuff oon w3photo/photostest to 
write RDF to libby's server (volunteer?)

5) bring a better image browsing/sorting interface over to w3photo for 
navigating collection, searching, etc. (is this AKTive space? some 
other interim solution? volunteer? we could install something generic, 
like Gallery)

6) integrate multiple image submission tool (upload and/or spider 
images from URL) (volunteer?)

7) get forms together for tracking contributor's agreement with policy 
and CC license.

8) address login for making annotations (volunteer to help?)

I hope, Bryce, you can continue to help with making the HTML as 
standard compliant as possible; that Libby and Jim Lee and Jim Hendler 
can serve as the RDF conformity mavens; and Masahide can continue to 
guide me integrating Fotonotes with RDF.



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