Re: [w3photo] temporary 'put' server for picture RDF annotation data

At 14:05 +0000 1/15/04, Libby Miller wrote:
>In IRC today, Jim Ley suggested decoupling the annotating UI from the
>RDF repository.
><JibberJim> Greg, I think the most important things to agree are the
>vocabulary for the annotations themselves.
><JibberJim> and the way of telling the central resource about
>metadata, either posting raw RDF, or posting a link to some remote rdf,
>or posting a link to a jpeg containing RDF.
>Does that make sense to people? it would mean that any tool could post
>to the server (once we have decided on an RDF vocab), although Greg's
>could remain the 'default' UI tool.
>I offered to temporarily host a put server which would simply take RDF
>and put it on a webserver for others to harvest. Another possibility is
>to put images on such a server with embedded RDF in them (I'm a bit more
>reluctant to do that). One possibility is to use Annotea.
>I'm happy for someone else to take this on if they would rather. If I
>did it it would have to be temporary.

I very much support this idea -- in fact, what would be really cool 
in the long run is to be able to see a picture and have it linked to 
different sets of markup done by different tools - this wouldn't be 
that hard to do (although I'm not volunteering to support it at the 
moment) -- the decoupling above, however, would make it possible to 
migrate in this direction
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