Re: cwm (bug?): strange behaviour with --filter argument

I haven't looked in detail, but it looksa though you have relative URIs 
in files which you have moved.

Things like
@prefix : <test1#> .

mean different things in different files.
Reltive URIs are useful (allowing a group of things to work together 
when moved)
but if you move some things and not others you have to be careful.

You can make cwm suppress relative URLs in its output with --n3=r

This might not be perfect either - you might be best telling cwm where 
the file is going to go with --base

cwm   <whatever>     --base /foo/bar.n3   > /foo/bar.n3

Hope this helps.

Glad you are having fun!


On Wednesday, Jul 16, 2003, at 07:07 US/Eastern, Miguel Branco wrote:

> @prefix : <test1#> .

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