IRC as A Tool for Community

Clay and Jo, I noted your recent posts [1,2] on IRC and community and 
thought you might be interested in these two IRC tools. At the W3C we've 
been using IRC in the way described by Clay [2] for a few years and many of 
us tend to rely upon two interesting bots. First, chump is able to create a 
blog from IRC when people use particular conventions in the discussion.
Second, the Zakim telecon-bridge bot (named after the new big-dig bridge in 
Boston) is able to help moderate the discussion keeping track of a timer 
for folks "2-minutes" report, agenda items, the speaker queue, etc. 
Furthermore, given it's interface to the bridge, it knows who's on the 
call, and can mute, un-mute, call folks, etc. Pretty nifty!

(Finally, and as an aside, in [3] I argue that the size of a community is 
one of the dominant hindrances to progress, in concurrence with Clay's "The 
value is inverse to the size of the group.")

  "But since conference calls are so lousy on their own, I'm going to bring
  up a chat window at the same time." And then, in the first meeting, I
  think it was Pete Kaminski said "Well, I've also opened up a wiki, and
  here's the URL." And he posted it in the chat window. And people can start
  annotating things. People can start adding bookmarks; here are the lists.
[3] | Design By Committee

Received on Wednesday, 2 July 2003 13:29:22 UTC