Web Forms 2.0 Feedback


Another thought. Often, one wants to have a checkbox in the UI which is 
inverted in relation to the underlying program code. This could be for 
usability reasons.

For example, in Bugzilla, we have a checkbox which says "only email me 
changes made by other people". However, underneath, it's implemented as 
"ExcludeSelf", so if the checkbox is ticked, the preference is unset, 
and vice versa.

So, would it be possible to add an attribute to checkboxes which says 
that they are successful if _un_checked?

That way, you can write code which says "for every pref on my list of 
prefs I know are edited on this page, set the pref if the form value is 
defined, otherwise unset it", but still decouple the UI and the 
underlying implementation - the implementation doesn't force the sense 
of the checkbox.

Does that make any sense at all? :-)


Received on Wednesday, 24 December 2003 18:46:30 UTC