RDDL taxonomy for UDDI - Errata

The attachment in [1] incorrectly used numbers in the keyValue instead of 
the intended text.
Attached is the corrected file.  Note that the link in the RDDL file [2] 
needs to be corrected.  Therefore, I will also send a new RDDL file to 
www-archive, then update the tModel [3] to point to it.

[1] http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/www-archive/2003Oct/0033.html
[3] http://tinyurl.com/yqnth

Attached is a file that can be uploaded to a Microsoft UDDI server (within 
Windows Server 2003).

I will use this in an example of a RDDL document can contain links to this 
upload file.

The RDDL file will have a 

and rddl:purpose="http://example.org/uddi/taxonomy/hierarchical"

I may send other files to www-archive with the same rddl:purppose, but with 
different rdl:nature.


Received on Wednesday, 17 December 2003 15:53:08 UTC