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On Sat, 6 Dec 2003, Daniel Brooks wrote:
>> An error code for "mising file" would open the way to a privacy leak.
>> I've added a section that says that the file upload control is simply
>> not successful when it doesn't point to a valid file.
> as long as the webpage cannot modify the value of the file upload field
> (and therefore control which file is uploaded), I think it'd be fine.

You'd be surprised how easy it is to get people to do stuff like copy
filenames into file upload fields. The less rope we give them the better.

> However, making the field unsuccessful is just as good.

Good good.

>> Some people are against scripting. This is just explaining to these
>> people that if they want to, they can use this without script.
> Against scripting!? :)

There are good theoretical reasons to be against scripting. :-)

>>> It also might be nice to be able to for a repeate block to be a copy
>>> of a template that isn't a sibling.
>> Maybe, but that would be hard. I've yet to actually see a use case for
>> that one.
> Seperate it into two attributes, template="true" and repeat="templateid"
> or something like that.

No need for the expense of multiple attributes, the attribute is already a
multitoken field.

> As for a use case, wouldn't nesting repeat blocks keep the inner one
> from working?

No, I was careful to make that work.

> You should probably put some more explanation about what it's going to
> do at the beginning of the section, rather than just starting out with a
> description of the attribute to use, etc.

Yeah, I'll do that.

> Obviously page info would need to list the template and repeated blocks
> seperately.

Obviously? Why would anyone care? (Then again, I've often wondered that
about some of our current Page Info features.)

> HTMLFormFields.templateElements gives me the controls in the template,
> which is good. I'd like to be able to get an array of HTMLCollections to
> represent the repeated blocks though.

Repeated blocks aren't associated with forms necessarily. You can repeat
anything you like.

> Can you nest forms? I'm pretty sure you couldn't in XHTML and I didn't
> read anything in this proposal, so I guess not. I hope not :)

Yes, you can. Well, more to the point, the form attribute means that forms
can be intertwined.

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