Re: Proposed XHTML Module: XForms Basic

On Sat, 2003-12-06 at 08:50, Ian Hickson wrote:
> > Second; please don't force client and server programmers to parse
> > the horrible syntax of an RFC 2822 "mailbox". If it's unclear why
> > this is a bad idea, I can come up with a few examples of valid
> > RFC 2822 "mailbox"-es to show how bad it can get. Or you can just
> > believe me when i say it's a disaster :-)
> Would you rather require that every form author write a parser instead?

Nope, the idea of having a type="email" attribute for input elements 
is a good one. What I don't like is that the value of this element is
defined to be a RFC 2822 "mailbox"

The following is a valid RFC 2822 "mailbox":
-----[Start RFC 2822 mailbox]-----
	(You wouldn't think\)
 Smith "at home)"Johannessen"
 (isn't it)org>
-----[End RFC 2822 mailbox]-----

If you're looking for a field to only accept the address, without the
display name (, not "Bob Johannessen" <>), I'd
suggest you specify RFC 2822 "addr-spec" *without* FWS and CFWS. If 
you want to include the display name in the field, use RFC 2822 mailbox
*without* FWS and CFWS.

I'd prefer the former (limited/modified RFC 2822 addr-spec), as I see 
no reason why the display name can't be expressed in another input


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