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First Issue;

Originator: NoahM

Issue: When should xml declarations appear in examples

Comment: SOAP messages are XML Infosets. Examples in the specification
sometimes have an XML declaration. Should such declarations be ommitted.

Proposed Resolution: The attribute found in the XML declaration, namely
version, encoding and standalone are modelled in the infoset as the
[version], [character encoding scheme] and [standalone] properties of the
Document Information Item. Having XML declarations in examples is thus
completely coherent.

Second issue;

Originator: NoahM

Issue: What version number of XML should SOAP 1.2 specify

Comment: Does putting <?xml version='1.0' ?> in our examples imply that the
SOAP 1.2 spec is tied to XML 1.0 and cannot be used with a future version.

Proposed Resolution: Enchance the description of the Envelope encoding to
include discussion stating that the values of the [version], [character
encoding scheme] and [standalone] infoset properties are unimportant as far
as SOAP is concerned.

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Received on Monday, 11 March 2002 13:34:38 UTC