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Re: [WZ] intellectual copyright and free software

From: Nrrrdboy <nrrrdboy@goatee.net>
Date: Wed, 12 Jun 2002 15:08:08 -0400 (EDT)
To: webzine@lists.soma.net, ryan junell <ryan@webzine.ws>
Cc: Glenn Brown <GBrown@law.stanford.edu>, pacox@siebel.com
Message-Id: <20020612190728.990CA8623E@aeon.w3.org>

On Wednesday 12 June 2002 02:48 pm, ryan junell wrote:
> 	will these people and issues have an effect on
> 	webzines and independent content?

I don't think so... 

1. I perceive little demand for the literal copying of textual works such 
as blogs and zines. In fact, if someone honestly does such a thing they are 
providing a hosting/mirroring service to me at their cost -- unless banner 
advertising is involved.
2. I perceive little demand for the creation of derivative works of textual 
works such as blogs and zines. Software: yes, multimedia: somewhat.
3. Where there is such "derivative demand", it's likely to violate the 
authors concepts of attribution and association. For instance, if you do 
make a derivative work of something I wrote, change a few words and the 
attribution, and host it at your own site, you're probably going to piss me 
off. In other cases, whatever you do would likely file under fair use 
rights (e.g., Wind Done Gone).
4. Most zines/blogs published on the Web are done so without much concern 
for these issue. If there is text, they are typically some form of copyleft 
or a very confused license (which confounds trademarks, copyrights, 
patents, and the rights thereof).

> 	I'd love to know how you guys classify your free,
> 	online publications. What kind of copyright control
> 	are zinesters supporting/enforcing? any conflicts?
> 	nuances? tricks? what's up?!

I have this [1] license associated with my on-line content, that was based 
on published zines [2], which sounds very familiar to a couple of recent 
projects I've heard about where people swap/exchange journals [3] and such. 
Of course, it's all a paper (or digital) tiger as I know its compliance is 

Of course, it's interesting and important stuff to learn about 

[1] http://goatee.net/singles/explain.html
[2] http://goatee.net/ranger/copytheft-19990125.html
[3] http://www.1000journals.com/
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