Re: just for the record

At 15:58 25/01/2002 +0100, Rigo Wenning wrote:
>I wanted only your confirmation, that you're okay, that this Note[1] (to
>be published) can carry the W3C copyright[2] for the publication.
>   1.
>   2.

1. The extra $Log$ entries have not been removed from appendicies B, C, D, 
E, F and G.

2. A variable pitch font has been used for the appendix A which messes up 
some of the 'ascii art' comments.

1 should be fixed.  I would prefer 2 to be fixed (use a fixed pitch font), 
but will leave that to your discretion.

Given that 1 is fixed I confirm that I'm ok for this note to be published 
and can carry the W3C copyright.


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