blindfold theory

   1.  Every computer program is equivalent to an RDF graph
       transformation.  (This follows from the Church-Turing thesis,
       since an RDF graph can encode the information on a Turing
       Machine's tape.  Obviously you have to abstract system-calls as
       I/O.  This does not address whether such transformations are
       convenient and useful, but working with n3 has convinced some
   2.  Every unit of computer program input (or output) has an
       equivalent object describable by an RDF graph.  
   3.  The conversion between program inputs (or outputs) and objects
       describable by RDF graphs can be automated. 

   4.  The conversion can be specified (for machine use) as a BNF
       grammar with attached actions which are RDF database
       operations.  This is obviously true in the degenerate case
       (where the input (or output) text appears as strings in the RDF
       graph), but a useful conversion can also be done in all but the
       most pathological cases.

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