Below is the Face-to-Face breakout group summary for the Content
Interoperability Use Case that Jonathan Dale was kind enough to scribe
for us and distribute to the breakout group members. I am also attaching
the notes in MS Word format from our session on Jan. 15 (which Jonathan

At the weekly telecon today (1/24), it was agreed that we need to do the

1) complete the description of the 2 use cases which will be used by
WOW-G for the content interoperability use case category:

A) The combined AgentCities/Travel Planning use case: Jonathan Dale and
Mike Dean will consolidate a combined description and submit this to us
and Jeff Heflin, the editor of the combined use case and requirements

B) The OntoWeb use case: Raphael Volz will revise the description of
this use case and also submit it to us and Jeff Heflin. 

Note that these should be completed as soon as possible: Jeff suggested
by early next week.

Jonathan, Mike, Raphael -- is this agreeable to you all?

I believe that Jeff can use the descriptions of the requirements that we
already had in the original large use case document reported at:



WebONT Working Group - Content Interoperability Breakout Group

Leo Obrst, James Barnett, Mike Dean, Rafael Volz, Jonathan Dale (scribe)

15th January, 2002


Two Use Cases

1. Agentcities and Travel Planning for small devices
2. Ontology and Content Interoperability with OntoWeb


Language Requirements

1.      Ontology namespaces and inter- and intra-ontology references

2.      Ontology mapping relations (rules)

3.      Consistency annotations; definition of annotation tags

4.      Ontology partitioning

5.      Meta-knowledge

6.      Property typing

7.      Ontology layering (more of a goal)

8.      Lexical representations and muti-lingual/multi-cultural support
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