Re: Poll/vote proposal: YahooGroups / RSS 1.0 namespace PURL ->

Great idea, danbri. A few comments:

On 2002-09-01 3:18 PM, "Dan Brickley" <> wrote:

> We could probably copy a bunch of the other docs from the WG filespace on
> yahoogroups to W3C (eg. the modules), and it may be that the workings of
> the PURL server might require this for PURLs that begin with the same URI;
> I'd need to check.  Perhaps someone more familiar with the PURL service
> could comment? (EricM?)

It depends on the kind of PURL set up. I think with the current set-up we
don't need to copy everything.

> (hmm, I've not done one of these before. sorry if this sounds po-faced!)

It's way too long for a poll, which <sarcasm>YahooGroups kindly eliminates
linebreaks and HTML from</sarcasm>.

How about: 

Do you support having files redirect to someplace
in See for details.

 - Yes
 - No
 - Abstain

As I'm tempted to get this completed ASAP, can I suggest that we not run a
poll/vote unless someone on the list dissents? (If there's unanimity, I
don't see the point in a poll/vote.)

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