Re: [RSS-DEV] Poll/vote proposal: YahooGroups / RSS 1.0 namespace PURL ->

On Wed, 9 Jan 2002, Rael Dornfest wrote:

> I second the poll.  Go ahead and create one, Danbri.

OK, I'll leave it a while to see if the text needs refining (I'm not
distinguishing between poll and vote text, though I suppose poll is just
'should we vote on the following text [...]').

> Another thought... Should we consider moving everything but our mailing list
> conversation over to a Weblog hosted somewhere?  I've been using
> MoveableType [] for some time for my own Weblogs
> and it's feature rich: discussion, file upload, multiple
> authors/administrators, RSS feeds, and so forth.

I'm officially intrigued. Most of my weblog-like behaviour is now done via
IRC ( and I'd not taken a look at this

> If someone volunteers to host it (it's a couple-three Perl scripts) I'll be

We could perhaps host this on a W3C-hosted box (he says generously,
without checking with other folks it'd create work for). If others are
enthusiastic, I'll look into it.

Related grumble: I'm thinking of moving my rdfweb-dev list away from
YahooGroups; the adverts are just too invasive now. Am interested to hear
of other list hosting options, though current thinking is just to set up
an independent mail archive elsewhere and leave list management at Yahoo.


> glad, as chair, to act as one of the editors/admins.  There should also be a
> few more folks from the WG who'd edit/admin.
> Rael

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