cwm cleanup, rdf tests, eikeon convergence

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DanC_jam statement ids are almost the same thing, but two statements 
that share a bnode share a context. dunno if they'd share a statement id
DanC_jam hi tim... zat you?

    Uh ... no ...  I didn't have time to check the channel after | logged 
on ...
    shower broken,  won't turn off hot water etc..... :-/

...I'm doing a bit of cwm cleanup... (replay:)

    Thank you!

danbri eikeon, in is 
'core layer' the 'layer 0' referred to?
DanC_jam the module was importing, but only for 
diagnostic gizmos: verbosity() and progress()!

    That is interesting .. but it makes Formula() which is a subclass of 
Thing isn't it?
    Should be, anyway.    I was going to move a skelteon Formula to
    Aaah yes, its RDFSink not thing.

DanC_jam I was looking at (a) support for typed literals,

     In what way?  Numeric types as well as strings, etc,
     or piggybacking a language and a type on a string?

and (b) convergence with eikon's code.


I couldn't figure out the module interfaces, so I started cleaning.

    ooch .... sorry... wish i'd been around.
    I've been doing a bitg of cleaning but I'm halfway though the
    parser interface transition.

eikeon danbri: Yeah, started out numbering them... then switched to 
names. All except for "1" by the looks of it :)
danbri heh
danbri -> zzz
eikeon waves... g'nite
danbri ps re typed literals, see for 
moz stuff
danbri g'nite
DanC_jam hmm... swap/test/underbarscope.n3 is missing
DanC_jam $ cvs update underbarscope.n3
DanC_jam cvs server: nothing known about underbarscope.n3


DanC_jam IOError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: 
DanC_jam ... /swap/test/string/endsWith.n3

what about it?

DanC_jam swap/test/time/t1.n3

what about it?

DanC_jam Passed 41 out of 51 tests.
DanC_jam I think that'll do

Oh..  my last checking I did get 51/51.
Could be arbitrary differences ... did you look at them?

DanC_jam reviews changes
DanC_jam wonders when nsIRDFLiteral.idl was written
DanC_jam commits a pile of changes...
eikeon DanC_jam: Is there anything you would recommend for me to work on 
to help the convergence? Are contexts near the top of the list?

   I must check eikon's stuff.  I might have already. Is that 
  TODO: Tim read Eikon's stuff?"

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DanC_jam umm...
DanC_jam I'm not really sure... I think the thing to do is to look at 
your parser unit tests and see if you can run them on the cwm parser.

      Oo... I have tried the rdfcore test suites ..
     TODO: must prepare a nice table of results.
     lots of things like  xml() and unicode fail.  (Lots of things pass 
    TODO:  Make RDF lists of cwm tests from tests-work.txt and
     TODO:  Must list new features cwm uses and old ones it doesn't in RDF


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