SOAP RDF query squish stuff

protcol undocuymented but implemented! RDFAuthor (incl the new pure Swing
vresion that's in CVS but unshipped) can send queries to an endpoint.

query syntax is Squish, result is array of hashes.

my ruby stuff has server,
...and client scripts. RDFAuthor can talk to it, as of today, so some
minimal proof of interop there!

see the squish/service/ subdir for misc files.

(assumes you have the postgresql-backed server running)

Libby's Java stuff on also exposes the same interface to three
different RDF datasets (these are hardcoded into RDFAuthor curreently).
Main one is the aggregation of data harvested, including all
the photo/foaf stuff.


...for example Perl that queries the image collection.

Hope this helps!


ps. I have also wrapped Annotea in same interface, don't have details to

Received on Saturday, 27 April 2002 11:16:42 UTC