Re: getting daml:imports right is easy? [was: DAML Level of Effort for FY03-FY05]

   Do tell how to get the specification of daml:imports right,

   It seems, to me, to involve messy stuff like log:semantics,
   cyc-style 'lifting', and that sort of thing. Doesn't
   look easy to me.

I don't know what log:semantics and cyc-style lifting are.

But, as I said on www-rdf-logic, importing an ontology just means
incorporating its contents.  What's hard about that?

Perhaps we're having some confusion about "importing"
vs. "translation."  The latter is a much more difficult problem, and
we know where most of the bodies are buried.  For instance, ontology 1
wants to use ontology 2, but everything in ontology 2 is temporally
scoped, whereas ontology 1 concerns a static world.  The two have to
be merged in such a way that time information is removed from onto-2
assertions without garbling them.

Please follow up.

                                             -- Drew

Received on Wednesday, 24 April 2002 13:39:41 UTC