Re: Documents, Cars, Hills, and Valleys

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> Yes, of course you can represent the bits in RDF.  My
> question was what will you *name* them?  If
> is your name, then what name
> do you give the bits? urn:md5:12a173b... ?

Since the representation is bound to change over time (and as you're
blithely ignoring content negotiation etc.), you can't use to identify the bits. You can only do something like
that when you're sure that the representation is fixed - and even then you
must be sure to point out that you're identifying in the representation and
not the resource to which is has a one-to-one correspondence.

It's quite easy to point to the bits in RDF. All you do is use some

[ :theBitsAt <>;
  :date "2002-04-11T12-33-30";
  :contentType "text/html" ] .

Simple. Or you can use a hash as you pointed out (in fact, you can add that
to the mess of properties above).

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