Re: Bookmarklet to show anchors and ids in a DOM Level 1 compliant browser

"Dominique HazaŽl-Massieux" <>

> It makes appear an anchor image after every tag with an id or an anchor
> with a name, with a link to this anchor.

I use:

javascript: document.body.onmousedown=function(e) { e= e || event; var
x=e.pageX || e.offsetX; var y=e.pageY || e.offsetY; var neardif=100000;
var curmatch=-1; da=document.anchors; if (da) for (var
i=0;i<da.length;i++) {;  if (Compare(da[i],x,y)<neardif) {;   curmatch=i;
neardif=Compare(da[i],x,y);  }} { if (curmatch!=-1)
{window.clipboardData.setData('text',location.href+"#"+(da[curmatch].id ?
da[curmatch].id  : da[curmatch].name))}}}; Compare=function(el,x,y)
{p1=GetPos(el);ydif=y-p1[1];if (ydif<0) return 10000; return ydif };
GetPos=function(el) {  var _x=el.offsetLeft;  var _y=el.offsetTop; while
(el.offsetParent || el.offsetNode) {   el=el.offsetParent ||
el.offsetNode;   _x+=el.offsetLeft;   _y+=el.offsetTop;  };  return new
Array(_x,_y); };void 0

In IE, for something similar, it creates a onmousedown handler, so that
when you click anywhere on the page, it finds the nearest preceding
anchor, and places a link to that anchor in the clipboard.

Other than the clipboard part it works in Mozilla too.

window.clipboardData.setData('text',location.href+"#"+(da[curmatch].id ?
da[curmatch].id  : da[curmatch].name))
to writing out the link the page is what you need for mozilla.

It only does anchors, not any element with an id.


Received on Friday, 5 April 2002 11:32:55 UTC