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Date: Mon, 1 Apr 2002 15:09:42 +0900
From: Olivier Thereaux <ot@w3.org>
To: chairs@w3.org
Subject: W3C mailing-lists search system
Resent-Date: Mon, 1 Apr 2002 01:10:05 -0500 (EST)
Resent-From: chairs@w3.org

Dear chairs,

The mailing-list search service, which was briefly shown during the
technical plenary and announced in the march newsletter, is "going
public" this week:


The list archives software has also been modified to display a (new)
search box for this search service, in replacement for the altavista
search we used to run. This new box will appear when the archive page is
updated, i.e as soon as a new mail is sent to a list its archive page
will have the new box.


I hope this service will be a valuable tool for you and your group(s),
and will be listening to ideas to improve it (and its documentation),
bug reports, a.s.o.

Kind regards,

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