Re: CWM Bug: Terms Should Not Be Reserved

Yes.  Good point.
It's not that they are reserved, its that they are used by the program, to
which they do
not belong. They belong to the document author.

What would you suggets as a solution?

- Use a completely separate namespace, with a uuid-like or mid-like
uniqueness (and length?)
- Carfeully and specifically avoid any values already defined by the
document author?
- Work with RDF core to revise the standard to specifically set aside some
fragment ids for
   arbitrary names of anonymous nodes?
- Use the _: prefix as ntriples does?  This is a document-wide scope of no
external meaning - there
is no corresponding URI.


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Subject: CWM Bug: Terms Should Not Be Reserved

> CWM appears to reserve a set of terms "#g_x" (where "x" is a digit) for

Actually, it is _gx  which is probably what you meant.
_gsx and others are used, where x is a decimal integer.
Yes, I have used things beginning with #_ for generated things.
Obviously if you avoid starting non-automatically generated thinsg with _
  you won't hit this in practice.

You can call the parser with a different prefix for anonymous nodes.

> anonymous nodes. This would be less of a hack if current nodes of the same
> URI were not interfered with. There is a similar problem with "#_formula"
> which I gather is the root context of a document. If I have already
> the term "_formula" in a schema, then CWM barfs on it. For example, the
> following Notation3:-
>    @prefix : <#> .
>    :p [ :_formula :_g0 ] :s .
> Converts to the following XML RDF:-
>    <rdf:RDF xmlns="pqrs.n3#"
>        xmlns:log=""
>        xmlns:rdf="">
>        <rdf:Description rdf:about="#_formula">
>            <log:forSome rdf:resource="#_g0"/>
>        </rdf:Description>
>        <rdf:Description rdf:about="#_g0">
>            <_formula rdf:resource="#_g0"/>
>        </rdf:Description>
>        <rdf:Description rdf:about="#p">
>            <_g0 rdf:resource="#s"/>
>        </rdf:Description>
>    </rdf:RDF>
> Using CWM version 1.72.
> Cheers,
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> Sean B. Palmer
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