Re: The web journal that brought down the wall

> open source is fundamentally at odds with systems engineering 
> and the conflict between the two will not be swiftly or easily 
> resolved;

You had me going until this part of the story. The Indies 
software should be better: it can be easily fixed by anyone, 
criticized in open forums, and as soon as anyone gets too 
annoyed with it, they toss it all away and start again. Sure, 
there will always be ports sticking out the back, and wires that 
aren't perfectly sealed, but a museum piece? No way, indieTech 
will be ahead of the pack, using technologies that haven't been 
well-tested, but blow the Alliance's stuff out of the water.

Oh, by the way, you forgot that all the schools were closed in 
2023 when attendence rates fell below 20% due to the incredible 
popularity of unschooling: dropping out of the system and 
learning your own way, possibly with an unschooling pack, with 
friends, or simply by yourself, on the Net.

Because sleeping of floors is always better with company,
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