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There's something that I've been wanting to do in N3 rules fules for
some time now, but didn't raise the issue. Basically, I want to be
able to do a forEach loop on members of a DAML list, such that I can

   this log:forAll :x , :y .
   { :x daml:oneOf :y } log:implies [ :forEach :z; :in :y; :do { :z a
:x } ] .
   :ClubMember daml:oneOf (:John :Mary :Fred) .

and come up with:-

   :John a :ClubMember .
   :Mary a :ClubMember .
   :Fred a :ClubMember .

Is there a way to do this already, or if not, is there some better way
than that outlined above?

This would be quite a useful thing, and I can provide another
application: unambiguous property sets. For example, DanBri uses the
property "foaf:mbox" as an unambiguous email property, but often
mailboxes are
shared: <>. So we can define ":mail"
to mean "has one or more owners with different names", and then say
that if a node has both :mail and :name properties hanging off of it,
it is unambiguous.

   (:mail :name) a :UnambiguousPropertySet .

I'm not actually sure how this would work... we want to end up with:-

    this log:forAll :p , :q , :x , :y .
   { :p :mail :x; :name :y . :q :mail :x; :name :y } log:implies { :p
= :q } .

which is easy with:-

   this log:forAll :a , :b , :p , :q , :x , :y .
   { (:a :b) a :UnambiguousPropertySet } log:implies
   { { :p :a :x; :b :y . :q :a :x; :b :y } log:implies { :p = :q } } .

but we want to be able to do it without knowing how many members of
the list there are.

Kindest Regards,
Sean B. Palmer
@prefix : <> .
:Sean :hasHomepage <> .

Received on Sunday, 11 November 2001 09:16:05 UTC