Re: how to troubleshoot "buffer overflow detected"

On 2013.02.18 18:54, Jack wrote:
> This started with a web page I access which prints very poorly.  I  
> wanted to use Amaya to see how and how badly the page was  
> constructed.  Unfortunately, accessing the page directly requires  
> logging on to the site with https, so I accessed the page in Firefox,  
> and then saved a local copy.  When I try to open the local copy in  
> Amaya 11.4.4, I get a "buffer overflow detected."  I see this  
> reported in the mailing list against an earlier version [1].  I see  
> even earlier (2009) mentions on coresecurity and fortiguard.   I have  
> no idea whether what I'm seeing is the same as any of those reports,  
> but I'd appreciate any suggestions on troubleshooting (either Amaya  
> or the html).
> Thanks for any advice or assistance.
> Jack
> [1]
Thanks to Laurent for his support - and as part of troubleshooting this  
problem, I realized my copy of Amaya had been compiled against  
zlib-1.2.5, but I had 1.2.7 installed.  Compiling against 1.2.7 (which  
took two simple patches) gave me a version which does not get the  
buffer overflow - so I suppose now I'll have to go back to  
troubleshooting my original problem with a badly designed web page.

I'll respond to my original thread about compiling problems with the  
patches for using the new zlib.


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