how to troubleshoot "buffer overflow detected"

This started with a web page I access which prints very poorly.  I  
wanted to use Amaya to see how and how badly the page was constructed.   
Unfortunately, accessing the page directly requires logging on to the  
site with https, so I accessed the page in Firefox, and then saved a  
local copy.  When I try to open the local copy in Amaya 11.4.4, I get a  
"buffer overflow detected."  I see this reported in the mailing list  
against an earlier version [1].  I see even earlier (2009) mentions on  
coresecurity and fortiguard.   I have no idea whether what I'm seeing  
is the same as any of those reports, but I'd appreciate any suggestions  
on troubleshooting (either Amaya or the html).

Thanks for any advice or assistance.



Received on Monday, 18 February 2013 23:55:21 UTC