Re: How do I insert an email link in Amaya???

If I may add my point of view, to put mailto links in a Web page today 
is no longer the best solution due to two main reasons:

1) E-mail address harvesting by spam databases.

2) The percentage of users that don't install local e-mail clients is 
growing every day. Those use Web clients such as Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo 
and others and haven't local client installed on their PC able to reacts 
to mailto links (think about the increasing users of iPAD, smartphones 
and NetPCs with, in many cases, software-gadgets already designed to 
operate with remote http Web-based e-mail systems).

Considering above points you may put broken links as "someone @ 
somewhe.dom" or use a PNG image to share e-mail address, remembering, in 
this case, to insert the alternative text description (ALT) for who (I 
think very few people) use text-only browser or for who need 
Web-text-to-speech (TTS) software.


Il 19/02/2011 21:11, ha scritto:
> As told in an other reply, You'd better not use the 
> 'mailto:<user>@domain.whatever' link in public pages. On the other 
> hand, they can be realy handsome for company wide internal websites. 
> For those: you can fill header fields with your own values:
> mailto:someone@over.there?subject=The_subject_of_the_message&body=The_Body_goes_here
> So with the options in the url, you can pre-fill roughly every header 
> field in the message to send. Specially handsome for automatic reply 
> processing.
> mailto:someone@over.there?subject=SeeTheHeaders&hidden_subject=YOUFOUNDIT
> However, be carefull with special characters like spaces or more than 
> one @ (for cc: fields)
> In the end it is all from the uri specification:
> protocol://user:password@host.domain/path/to/something?option=value&nextoption=othervalue
> On 17-2-2011 16:30, Chris Beall wrote:
>> Lucy,
>> I infer that by 'email link' you mean a link that contains a mailto 
>> URL.  The process is the same as for creating any link.
>> 1. Highlight the text to be made into a link.
>> 2. Click on the Link element icon.
>> 3. Type the URI, in this case "mailto:userxxx@domainyyy.zzz'.
>> 4. Click on Confirm.
>> Net: Amaya has no special facility for creating links for different 
>> URI schemes: http, ftp, mailto, etc.
>> Note that mailto works only if the user has a local mail client 
>> defined, i.e. it will usually not work if the user has a webmail 
>> client.  It is therefore important to provide the email address as 
>> visible text in addition to the mailto URL.  One common method is to 
>> enter the email address as plain text, then make that text into an 
>> equivalent mailto link, thus (in the source):
>> <a href=""></a>
>> Chris Beall
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>>     For the life of me I dont know where to insert an email link or
>>     how to in the
>>     Amaya would be much appreciated.
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