Re: Some before pseudo element breaks Amaya handling of UTF-8

Dominique Meeùs a écrit ce qui suit, le 28/01/11 05:16 :
> […]
> If I now open, edit and save this in Amaya, the code is 
> broken:multi-byte characters are replaced in the code by the 
> succession of the separated bytes. This still gives a correct display 
> in Amaya (once) and Firefox, except for the non break space provided 
> by the pseudo-element. The code can be opened  in another editor but 
> is not readable any more. Amaya is even unable to reopen it’s own file.
> See attached callnoteNBSP[1]brokenAmaya.html.
I must stress that the document, originally digitally encoded and 
declared UTF-8, is now saved by Amaya as ISO-8859-1 (?) digitally, but 
still declared UTF-8.

Received on Sunday, 30 January 2011 18:12:09 UTC