Better workaround (Re: Some before pseudo element breaks Amaya handling of UTF-8)

If the css is written outside the document, Amaya is still unable to 
display the pseudo-element correctly but does not destroy all others 
multi-byte characters any more. See example attached with external css, 
first Bluefish only, then safely edited with Amaya.

(I’m not sure my “succession of the separated bytes” hereunder was the 
correct diagnostic. Looks more complicated than that. Anyway every 
single multi-byte character was replaced by some chain of funny characters.)

Dominique Meeùs a écrit ce qui suit, le 28/01/11 05:16 :
> Using Amaya 11.3.1 (Dec  9 2009) under Ubuntu 10.10.
> Some before pseudo element breaks Amaya handling of UTF-8: multi-byte 
> characters are replaced in the code by the succession of the separated 
> bytes.
> [et cetera]
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It’s partly true, too, but it isn’t /all/ true. People always think 
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