Re: Can Amaya manage external css?

Le samedi 29 août 2009 à 14:42 -0700, IvanGabor a écrit :
> Frédéric WANG wrote:
> > 
> > However I believe an external stylesheet is used when you want to share a
> > set of
> > rules between several elements (possibly in different documents). In this
> > case,
> > I don't really see how it can be implemented easily and with a
> > user-friendly
> > interface, but it is an interesting open question.
> > 
> "Create rules" is very user-friendly and a good base for this function too.
> I can imagine, when I click Create rule, it would be possible to choose
> linked css instead of embedded. I suppose, it is a flick to create this
> function and this would make Amaya really the ultimate wysiwyg.  

Yes. By default the "Create rule" command generates a CSS rule into a
style element. That command is not proposed for .mml documents as there
is no available style element.

Of course the "Create rule" command could generates the style into an
external stylesheet provided it is already linked to the document.
In that case, the command could apply to .mml documents.

What user interface do you suggest? How to select the right stylesheet
or a style element when several stylesheets are linked?

Irene Vatton <>

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